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Hi, we are

Digital agency from Ukraine. Our story has began in 2014 with an idea to become a game changer in marketing services. Since then we have grown 10 times.

Now, as all Ukrainians do, we are fighting for the future. For our people.


Committed and creative


Trust pays off


Berlin, UK

Who we are

The Ukrainian agency with 8 years of digital experience, 2 of which in e-commerce. Experts in residential real estate marketing. We have implemented more than 100 projects and found our starry clietns in the field of entertainment, FMCG, beauty and charity funds.

Our philosophy

Together with a client SODA builds warm humane connections in turbulent marketing. Fighting for the result, we also enjoy the process. Our superpower — consodaration, a unique form of consideration for clients that only SODA can show.

SODA in action

We create digital, holding on to the warm and fragile. To people. Stunning from the first meeting to the last lead converted. Transparent from the first commercial offer to the last figure in excel. Humane from communication to realization.

Hello from Ukraine!

SODA appeared in 2014, when the trees were tall and the advertisers were so harsh that the "client-agency" relationship sometimes resembled a knife fight. Then we swore that everything would be different.

Our main value is PEOPLE. Because it's people who are behind every successful strategy or bright campaign.

Not only the result but the process on the way to it are vital for us. We create new products and solutions together. We build an ecosystem of SODA customers, partners and teams.

Viktoria Zyma, CEO

Our Clients